Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Twins-Ashley and Cassidy

The girls LOVE having their pictures taken. It helps that I bribed them with "basketball robbins" for ice cream when they were wanting to be done. And I also let them take a few pictures too. Here are some of my favorites.

Ashley just instantly starts posing when she see's a camera! She's definately the little diva!

Cassidy would rather be the one taking the pictures! She did let me get a few, but after a couple she said, "OK, now you sit in the chair and I'll take your picture!" Good try Cass!

Getting a picture of the girls together wasn't working so well! Darn, I'll just have to try again!

The Zoo (again!)

Some of you may know this already, but the zoo is and has always been my favorite place in Grand Rapids. As far back as I can remember I have always loved the zoo. So, this year Lou and I decided to buy a membership. It was only $43 for the year and we can also use it at other zoos through out the country, so it just seemed like something that would be nice for us. We have already used it enough that it paid for itself, and we still have about 10 months left! (Not that I will be using it much in the dead of winter.)
Another new thing going on with me is my new camera. I bought a used DSLR off of ebay. Not something I would normally use, but it was a reputable seller, and I got a hell of a deal. It's a Canon Rebel 300D. It's a few years old, and it has some cosmetic wear, but the camera itself works great! I am really happy with it.

Well, lets combine my love of the zoo with the fact that I got a new camera and here is what you get:

The newest animals in the zoo are the Wallaby's and the Lemurs. The idea is pretty cool. They have an outdoor area that is set up so the wallaby's can come down and people can pet them. Well, apparently this guy had enough. He wouldn't even look at anyone. He just sat there pretending that no one was around!

The bears have been really active the last few times I visited. This time was no exception. Everytime the dark brown bear would get comfortable, the light brown bear would wander over and ruin it! Look how comfortable s/he looks, and two seconds later... DONE!

For as far back as I can remember there has been a Maned Wolf exhibit back behind the small waterfall and the Llama looking guys, but I have never actually seen said wolf. Well, I finally saw them! There were two of them. They were hiding really far up in their enclosure. You can barely see them in the pictures, but I have photographic evidence!

This is the small waterfall. It's nice because not as many people hang out and watch this one. It gave me a chance to try some of the different settings on my camera. This is the best shot I got.

One more thing about me that I think everyone knows is that I have an obsession with lions! I am so happy with the new lion enclosure! There is a rock that is right in front of the glass. This female lion is laying on it sunbathing almost everytime we have been to the zoo. I'm starting to feel like big cat diaries, but I know it is the same girl! Isn't she beautiful?

While the monkeys are cool to watch. I have to say, I'm glad I'm not one of the parents that has to explain to my kids "why do the monkeys have weird butts?" Not going to lie, it's kind of gross. But, I'll share with you anyway!

And this guy... Lou knows my obsession with taking pictures at the zoo. He is constantly helping me find good shots. So, he calls me over to a chimp that was hanging out on the stairs by himself. As I'm walking over he is pooping and sticking his finger up his butt. Sorry, but at this point I refuse to believe that people derived from chimps! After he was done doing his business he sat back on the steps and stared at Kacie! If she moved, so did he. It was great! This one makes me think of "The Thinker"!

And I'll finish this post off with my favorite picture of the day. It's not a wonderful picture, no special techinical elements, nothing like that. It's just a picture that reminds me of one of the reasons I fell in love with Lou. He has always been great with Kacie. He doesn't treat her like she will break, yet he always makes her feel good. He has always had a way with her, even back when she was shy and barely spoke to anyone except her family. And now that she is older, they always have fun picking on me together!