Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 Things Before I'm 30!

So, Michelle over at Scrapfreak posted a link to a blog today where Elise Blaha posted her mini album of 25 things to do before she turned 25.  This reminded me that I also wanted to do a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.  And, well 30 isn't so far away anymore!  So here it goes, this is my list of 30 things to do by January 15, 2012:

1. Get married

2. Earn a college degree

3. Own a home

4. plant a vegetable garden

5. learn to use a sewing machine

6. make a quilt

7. lose 15 lbs. and maintain it

8. buy a camper

9. read 10 books that I WANT to read (not for school)

10. learn how to make 15 new meals

11. scrap my wedding pictures

12. get a dog

13. train the new dog!

14. take a family vacation

15. join a moms group or scrap group

16. Take Julia to meet Bree, Mara, and GA friends

17. Go to GA to meet Baby Bree

18. update to a new camera (once I learn current camera!)

19. learn Photoshop in more detail

20. buy new living room furniture

21. create my "scraproom"

22. find a job I enjoy

23. restart my Disney movie collection

24. visit NYC

25. create a family budget-AND STICK TO IT!

26. make a handmade decor element for each room of my home

27. host and cook a major family meal (i.e. Thanksgiving or Christmas)

28. start holiday traditions for my family

29. make a doll for Julia

30. BLOG THIS-and keep it up to date!
Thanks Michelle for the push I needed to get this written down and get started!