Friday, March 19, 2010

My Baby Shower

My mom, Kacie, Stephanie, Andi, and Casey had a baby shower for me last Sunday.  It was tons of fun, but exhausting and a bit overwhelming too.  I can't believe all the gifts I received!  The baby's room is packed full of goodness right now. 
It was nice to see Kelly, Nikki, and Lisa there and get to see how their pregnancies are going too.  I am so excited that there will be so many new babies in the family this year.  I loved growing up with so many cousins that were close in age to me.  I am glad that my baby will get to experience that as well.  Stephanie and I counted and from Sept. 2009 - Oct. 2010 the Lyon family is expecting 6 new babies!  So far the first two born were girls, I'm next and hoping for a boy, Kelly & Dave are thinking about waiting to find out what they are having until the baby is born, and Nikki & Paul and Jaime & Amanda don't have their ultrasounds scheduled yet as far as I know.
When it came time to opening gifts, the kids were all excited to help!  It was nice to have little hands to help when I couldn't reach past my belly, but WOW! that was a lot of help!

Max taking a nap with his Aunt Kimmy.  The shower was exhausting for him too!

Aunt Donna N. and Jake made the baby a blanket and burp cloths with stars and moons on them.  The blankie also has the minky fabric on the back, my favorite.  I'm sure we will be using this A LOT cause Mommy wants to use it too!

Baby's first carseat.  I ended up with two travel systems because of a mix up with taking things off the registry, but Babies R Us gladly gave me a store credit to use when I figure out what else we are needing before the baby is born.

Lucas was really excited to help me open my presents until he realized that there weren't any for him.  The sad look on his face was priceless!

Like I said, I had lots of help with gift opening.  The girls had it down to a science.  Hailey handed the gift to me to open, then I handed it to Rhyan and she handed it to Kadymn.  That way they all got a good look!

When I registered for a baby bath Andi suggested that I register for the one with a sprayer.  She said it would be a lot easier to rinse off the baby that way.  When Lou was loading up the truck after the shower he got a kick out of the fact that our baby has a Soothing Spa Tub!

And of course with my last name, I had to have a lion toy!  Pam and Aunt Karen got the baby the cutest little lion that plays music and his fat little cheeks light up!

Our New Baby (and not the human one yet!)

One night after hanging out with Pond, Lou came home to let me know that we were getting a snake.  This is something we had discussed before since I was going to get him a snake for his birthday last year, so his announcement was fine, I didn't freak out or anything.  The only stipulation to us having a snake is that I didn't want to be around when it was fed, and housing it's food in my home was NOT an option.  While I am not scared of snakes, I am TERRIFIED of rats!

One thing I did not realize at first was how much care a snake requires.  They have very strict heat and humidity requirements to keep them healthy.  It took a little while to get her home ready for her, but once we did, I was really excited to meet her!

So, here she is.  Introducing Miss Chemical Warfare! (I know crazy name, but Lou informed me that when he was a kid he always wanted to name his pet Chemical Warfare, and since you don't call your snake, it finally worked out!)


Here she is investigating Chris' face


One of her favorite things to do is try to climb into the back of the couch.  She's quick too, if you're not paying attention she will be gone!


Lou, Mark Sr., and Chris spent a lot of time working on what I like to refer to as the "Snake Palace" for her.  They built a 4'x2' house for her that takes up a whole wall of the living room.  They did a great job and it's really cool to be able to watch her move around in there. 





Andi brought Rhyan and Taylor over to meet her a few weeks ago.  Rhyan wanted nothing to do with her.  She was fine watching her in her cage, but she had no intentions of touching her.  Taylor on the other hand, this child isn't scared of anything!  She was a little nervous at first since she didn't know how to hold her, but once Lou showed her what to do, she was a pro!


And I took this picture today for the Foto Friday at Scrapfreak to show animals OTHER than the everyday pets.  I like to call this one "Fat Girl in a Little Hide".  When I was buying supplies for her cage, I hadn't met her yet.  I had no idea how big she was and Lou underestimated her size when he was telling me about her.  Needless to say, her hide was a tight fit to begin with, and she has already grown since we got her!  Everytime I watch her slither back under her hide I think of the movie Tommy Boy!


So, that is the newest addition to our home.  Hopefully the next time I blog about a new addition I will be telling you that I finally had this baby!

I'm a bad blogger!

I am a horrible blogger.  I know this.  I have tried a few times to blog more frequently, but every time I fail.  So, after Bree and my mom so lovingly pointed out my poor blogging skills, I will once again try this whole blog thing out!  So, Mom and Bree, it is now up to you guys to help me to keep going!