Friday, March 19, 2010

My Baby Shower

My mom, Kacie, Stephanie, Andi, and Casey had a baby shower for me last Sunday.  It was tons of fun, but exhausting and a bit overwhelming too.  I can't believe all the gifts I received!  The baby's room is packed full of goodness right now. 
It was nice to see Kelly, Nikki, and Lisa there and get to see how their pregnancies are going too.  I am so excited that there will be so many new babies in the family this year.  I loved growing up with so many cousins that were close in age to me.  I am glad that my baby will get to experience that as well.  Stephanie and I counted and from Sept. 2009 - Oct. 2010 the Lyon family is expecting 6 new babies!  So far the first two born were girls, I'm next and hoping for a boy, Kelly & Dave are thinking about waiting to find out what they are having until the baby is born, and Nikki & Paul and Jaime & Amanda don't have their ultrasounds scheduled yet as far as I know.
When it came time to opening gifts, the kids were all excited to help!  It was nice to have little hands to help when I couldn't reach past my belly, but WOW! that was a lot of help!

Max taking a nap with his Aunt Kimmy.  The shower was exhausting for him too!

Aunt Donna N. and Jake made the baby a blanket and burp cloths with stars and moons on them.  The blankie also has the minky fabric on the back, my favorite.  I'm sure we will be using this A LOT cause Mommy wants to use it too!

Baby's first carseat.  I ended up with two travel systems because of a mix up with taking things off the registry, but Babies R Us gladly gave me a store credit to use when I figure out what else we are needing before the baby is born.

Lucas was really excited to help me open my presents until he realized that there weren't any for him.  The sad look on his face was priceless!

Like I said, I had lots of help with gift opening.  The girls had it down to a science.  Hailey handed the gift to me to open, then I handed it to Rhyan and she handed it to Kadymn.  That way they all got a good look!

When I registered for a baby bath Andi suggested that I register for the one with a sprayer.  She said it would be a lot easier to rinse off the baby that way.  When Lou was loading up the truck after the shower he got a kick out of the fact that our baby has a Soothing Spa Tub!

And of course with my last name, I had to have a lion toy!  Pam and Aunt Karen got the baby the cutest little lion that plays music and his fat little cheeks light up!

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