Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week In the Life (inspired by Ali Edwards)

The Daily Inspiration at Scrapfreak today is Ali Edwards "A Week in the Life" project.  (Read more about it here.)  I thought this would be something fun to do as a way to document the last few days until we have a baby in the house with us!  So, manybe mine is more of a "Countdown to Baby" rather than a week in the life.  If I have it my way, this won't last another week, but I think the baby has other plans and this could last longer than a week!  There are a few things I want to get done around the house to prepare, and I also want a way to see how much things change once I am responsible for more than just myself!  I want to scrap these days, but for now I am just going to post some unedited photos and my journaling here in case I don't get to it right away!

Day 1: Monday, April 19, 2010

Today I started the day by cleaning our bedroom so I could put the pack and play in ready for baby to come home.  While I am still standing strongly on trying to get the baby on a good sleeping/eating schedule as soon as possible and having the baby sleep in it's crib right away, I am also not an idiot!  I like my sleep and I know it will take me a little while to get used to getting up with the baby in the middle of the night, so I want to have the baby in our room for a little while.  I decided to put the Pack 'n Play together in the living room.  I wasn't thinking about having to fit it through the doorway into our room.  Needless to say, I had to take the things almost completely apart to fit it through the door to our room and put it back up in there.

After getting my room ready, I organized a few more things in the baby's room.  While I don't remember any more than just the stories, my mom said that I loved Beatrix Potter books when I was a toddler.  She has told me many times about our trips to the library so I could get my books.  This is something that I have always enjoyed hearing about, so with the baby's room, I have decided to do a Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter theme.  The bedding I picked out is mostly blue, tan, and white.  It is a bit boyish, but I decided that I can add flowers and other colors to the room after the baby is born if it is a girl.  So, for now, things aren't completely done in there, but I di have everything assembled and washed!  It is going to be a hard day for Zoe when she realizes that the crib is no longer hers!  Everytime I am in the room, she comes in and sprawls out in the crib!

Tonight I invited my family over for dinner.  Lou grilled burgers and hotdogs and we just hung out.  I wanted to have them over for dinner one last time before the baby because I don't know when I will have the energy to make dinner for everyone again!  It might be a while.  Keira had so much fun having everyone around to play with her.  She hung out with Uncle Louie for a while tonight without crying.  She still isn't sure what to think of him!

And of course, there is the never-ending laundry!  It is currently taking over a corner of the dining room because I wanted it out of our bedroom when I cleaned.  So, you will be hearing more about laundry tomorrow as I attempt to get this mountian out of my dining room!!


  1. Hey, the dirty laundry I totally recognize! Only, my pile is at least 10 times that size (seriously!), lol.

    Love your Countdown to Baby version of WITL, Kim! :)

  2. Great idea to do a countdown to baby! Oh, & that laundry will seem small once your lil one arrives!


  3. This is a great idea, Kim! You'll be so glad you did this later.